Why Hire a Small Business Marketing Consultant

If you are like many small business owners, you are wearing many hats: CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Production Manager, Customer Service Manager, and CFO just to name a few.  With all this on your plate, are you doing it all well?  Are you doing the job that led you to go into business for yourself?

Marketing is the engine that drives your business forward.  If you do it well, you will be more successful and have more resources to further invest in your business.  But do it poorly, and you will have to scratch and claw for survival.  As a small business owner, are you equipped to do marketing well?  If not, you have three choices to develop your small business marketing efforts:

  • 1
    Spend your precious time learning how to do small business marketing
  • 2
    Spend your precious time learning how to do small business marketing
  • 3
    Hire a Small Business Marketing Consultant

What Small Business Marketing Consultants Do

Small Business Marketing Consultants specialize in the marketing needs of small business owners. These needs may involve educating you about how to develop and operate a marketing system that is tailored to your business, or it may involve a turn-key approach where a consultant functions as your “Virtual Marketing Officer” on a part-time basis. This latter approach allows your marketing needs to be met in the most efficient manner possible. A key outcome of engaging the services of a Small Business Marketing Consultant is that you will have a Marketing System developed uniquely for you and your business.

Why You Need a Marketing System

Which column describes your business?  Given the two alternatives on each row, in which mode would you rather be working?

Without a Marketing System

With a Marketing System

Marketing results are "hit or miss"

Marketing gets predictable results

Marketing is done in reaction to current conditions (so it is always behind)

Marketing is done proactively and it sets up future business

Potential customers are confused by inconsistent or erratic messages

Messaging is on-point and effective

Business brand is diluted

Business brand is strengthened

Marketing is hard to budget

Expenditures are planned in advance

Referrals are left to chance

Referrals are a planned event

By approaching your marketing as a system, rather than an event, your investment in marketing will result in maximum return.

Is Hiring a Small Business Marketing Consultant Right for You?

If you are a small business owner who has "hit the wall" in terms of your expertise or time to "take your business to the next level", then working with a Small Busines Marketing Consultant is most likely the right next step for you. Duct Tape Marketing consultants can work with you as a coach to educate you and keep you on track while you do the work of developing your marketing systems, collaboratively to share workload with you while you stay as "hands on" as you like, or as your virtual marketing department that does it all while you focus your time on other things. A consultant will bring fresh perspective, ideas, and experience to help further your marketing efforts. Working with the right consultant is an investment in your business that will deliver great Return-On-Investment.

Why You Need Tylerica Marketing Systems

There are many "Small Business Marketing Consultants" out there, so why should you work with Tylerica Marketing Systems? First and foremost, it is because we work with you to craft the unique marketing system required by your business. Unlike many small business marketing consultants who tend to dive straight into tactics such as website development or social media, we start with a "Strategy First" approach. This means that before we focus on how to market your business, we make sure we know what to market, and to whom. Putting strategy before tactics means that you won't waste money on tactics that aren't right for the unique needs of your business. Tylerica Marketing Systems is part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.