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Develop a marketing plan.

How to Develop and Implement a Marketing Action Plan

In order to do anything meaningful, you have to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. You need a plan.Having a marketing plan is imperative for the success of your business. Here’s how to develop and implement a marketing plan of your own. Create a strategy before tacticsSmall business owners often quickly
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Website Privacy Policy

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Privacy Policy

Whether your website has been online for a while or you’re thinking about a new website, there is one important feature that you should not overlook - a Privacy Policy. Privacy Policies are all the rage nowadays and it’s pretty rare to find a website that does not have one. But, does your website need one?
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website security

3 Aspects Of Website Security You Must Address Immediately

For many businesses, their website is their most important online asset.  It is where people just learning about their business will likely "land" first, and is the central hub of their online presence. But surprisingly, many small and medium sized business websites are lacking in one or more key aspects of website security.  Here are
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Mid-Year Resolutions for Your Business

We’re half-way through the year now, so that seems to be a good time to look at your mid-year resolutions for your business. Wait. What? Mid-year resolutions? We’re probably all familiar with personal new-year resolutions. You know, those promises bordering on vows that we make to ourselves around the first of the year to lose
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Branding Power

What’s in a Name? The Power of Branding Your Business

In case you need a reminder about the power that your brand has in your marketing, consider the case of a crime fiction novel published in 2013 by rookie author Robert Galbraith called “The Cuckoo’s Calling”. Despite having positive reviews such as it being a “scintillating debut novel”, and “astonishingly mature”, it sold only 1,500
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Email Marketing

What’s Old is New Again – Direct Mail and Email Marketing

As the saying goes, “what’s old is new again”. Constant innovation in marketing is to be expected. After all, how else can businesses “stay ahead of the curve” and not look “ho-hum” or “me too”? But innovation as it applies to Marketing does not have to mean that everything we know today will be useless
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Strategic Planning

3 Business Strategy Tips Gleaned From the Disney-Lucasfilm Deal

In October of 2012, it was announced that the Walt Disney Co. was acquiring Lucasfilm Ltd from George Lucas for $4.05 Billion.  Here are 3 things small business owners can take-away from this news: 1. Expand Strategically Speaking of the acquisition, Disney CEO Rober Iger said “This is one of the great entertainment properties of
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Superman changing jobs - strategic marketing

What We Can Learn From Clark Kent’s Career Change

The big news in the superhero world is that Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, has quit his job at the Daily Planet newspaper.  According to DC Entertainment, “the resignation reflects present-day issues – the balance of journalism vs. entertainment, the role of new media, the rise of the citizen journalist, etc.”  Another quote from one
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